About Us

Welcome to Posh Pashmina Collection. Posh Pashmina Collection is one of the leading manufacturers, direct suppliers and exporter of top quality Pashmina/Cashmere products in Nepal. We have been supplying our highest quality cashmere sweaters, ponchos, blankets, cashmere shawl, stole, scarves, muffler for  both men, women and kids, since its establishment in 1997.

Explore the Posh Pashmina collection for the finest in women's and Men’s Pashmina/Cashmere sweaters, cashmere cardigans, and cashmere accessories. Posh cashmere sweaters, cardigans and accessories are made from the fine, downy undercoat of Capra goats raised in Inner Nepal, Mongolia, Ladak. Items in the Posh Pashmina collection are produced from the highest quality cashmere fibers, spun into sumptuous two-ply yarns, and twisted to resist pilling (without compromising strength). To achieve cashmere sweaters and accessories with such vibrant colors, we use only Swiss-certified eco-friendly dyes, which mean we also use fewer chemicals, less water and less energy. This well-rounded cashmere collection has a perfect mix of classic styles and innovative new designs. Our cashmere sweaters and accessories are  available at poshpashminaonline.com. It helps you stand out from the crowd with interesting textures, unique patterns, or a shot of embellishment. Pashmina/Cashmere makes an ideal year-round layer, to instantly add a little luxury anywhere you go.